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The safety of our employees and customers is a top priority at Nutter Enterprises. All of our employees attend a mandatory training seminar every year to go over proper safety protocol requirements of a surface mine. We also host an annual site-specific meeting to review any changes to our facility and to keep our safety procedures and equipment up to date. Our safety coordinator (Cindy Nutter) and pit foreman (Duaine Berwick), meet quarterly to discuss quarry operations and strive to maintain a safe work environment. NH Lakes Region


It is also important for all visitors at our pit & quarry to understand that we are under MSHA ( Mine Safety and Health Administration. There are specific rules and regulations at our facility that need to be followed by subcontractors, customers in the trade and homeowners. Please see site specific rules down below and stop at the office before entering our facility.




  1. Please remain in your vehicle at all times.  The Pit Coordinator at the office will notify the loader operator that you are in the Pit and the product to be loaded.

  2. If you need to clean your tailgate, make adjustments or exit your vehicle for any reason, please do so at the designated area just beyond the scales on the right before you exit. 

  3. The management and employees of Nutter Enterprises, Inc. are dedicated to providing safe access to our products and excellent service.  If any of our personnel remind you of our rules, it is only to protect you from the possibility of injury.  For your own protection, please follow their directions, obey all signs and road markings and do not enter areas other than your destination. 

  4. While visiting on this property you are subject to the rules and enforcements of the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). 

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